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Designed to screen for a specific substance or set of substances, customizable drug tests can be a practical way for employers to ensure workplace safety while respecting employee privacy. This type of testing can also be a valuable means of collecting data within a defined region or context, helping to identify and target specific drug trends or problems. Using customized drug tests can enhance the efficiency of pre-employment and post-hiring screening processes.

Balancing Safety and Privacy

While workplace safety is essential, what employees do on their days off isn’t always an employer’s business, not when it doesn’t have a measurable impact on job performance. There are many employees that resent the loss of privacy that come with routine drug tests, believing that their time off should be completely their own, As demonstrated by recent trends in marijuana legalization, opinions are changing and a growing number of people don’t think it fair that a couple of puffs of a marijuana cigarette while on vacation could result in a failed drug test and loss of employment.

Employers in states where marijuana has been legalized to one degree or another, for example, may not want to test for marijuana use, preferring to focus their drug tests on substances that are addictive and may have a negative impact on job performance and safety. Certain industries may focus their drug tests on the substances that tend to be high risk for that particular group, such as testing for the abuse of prescription medicines among health care workers or amphetamine use in the trucking industry. Using customizable drug tests is a great way to maintain that fine balance between workplace safety and employee privacy.

Collecting Specific Data, Monitoring Trends In Drug Use

Certain regions are associated with particular types of drug abuse, such as methamphetamine use in poor rural and suburban regions or heroin use in some inner-city areas. Customizable drug testing can be a valuable means of amassing accurate data, information vital to targeting problem areas or substances and making decisions concerning the best use of prevention and treatment resources. This types of drug testing also serve well as a pre-hire screening tool able to help reduce the chance of hiring a person who may put others at risk via their drug use and associated negative behaviors.

Affordable and Practical

Buying customizable drug tests online make this screening tool one that is affordable and practical not for just large and wealthy corporations, but also for small businesses. Buying online also puts this smart data collection tool within the fiscal grasp of researchers and social service organizations. Learn more about drug test customization options and what they can do for your organization today.

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