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Current research shows that combining multiple markers, as these tests do, will help assess patients’ risks for cardiovascular problems.  Recently, most doctors felt that heart attacks were simply a result of fatty deposits that built up, slowly, on your coronary arteries.  They thought that LDL, or ‘bad’ cholesterol, was to blame.

They warned anyone with high LDL levels that they were at risk for a heart attack.

Fast forward to the present: As stated above, nearly half of all those who have heart attacks actually have healthy levels of LDL in their bodies.  During the 90s, Dr. Paul Ridker thought that it must be some type of inflammation in the body that was bursting these plaques, not cholesterol. He decided to prove this.

He began testing the C-Reactive protein in our bodies, which is a molecule the liver produces when the body issues an inflammatory signal.

When you have any type of acute illness, your body produces high levels of C-Reactive (also known as CRP).

With Ridker’s tests, he soon proved that healthy, middle-aged men with very high levels of CRP were three times more likely to suffer from a heart attack than those with low levels of Creative.  And, he found that the danger was actually greater in women than in men.

Read the entire research article, which was published in TIME Magazine, February 2004.

Testing and Monitoring

This type of inflammation testing utilizes simple blood and urine samples. The testing looks for biomarkers that will identify your risk spectrum.

With the additional information, doctors can target treatment to reduce your risks for heart attack and stroke.MD-HeartPro-Logo

This testing allows you to monitor inflammation and the associated risk; thus allowing you to catch the problem in the beginning. Or, if the problem is advanced, you can treat the problem, reducing your cardiovascular risk.

It’s never too soon to start identifying hidden risk of heart disease and stroke for your patients.

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