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Since 2007, when the FDA acknowledged that a blood-thinning drug’s effectiveness (or lack of) could be determined by how a person’s unique genetic structure responded to dosage, the medical field has been questioning its trial-by-error methodology. Emerging from genetic science, pharmacogenomics is making its way to medical establishments across the nation. This revolutionary field is turning the page to a new and exciting chapter in the healthcare industry. Clients are benefitting from the higher level of expertise medical professionals offer as they bring genetic study into their practices. Research in genomics is revealing how genetic specific application of drugs and dosage can positively trigger better effectiveness in patient prescriptions.

The utilization of Pharmacogenomics (or Pharmacogenetics)  in the medical field brings the commodity of customization to your patients. Pharmacogenomics provides medical professionals with in-depth information based on a patient’s specific gene structure to determine the medication that best suits their needs. The field of pharmacogenetics is rapidly growing. As it gains momentum so does its potential to address a wide range of health issues. Physicians who continually stay informed and up-to-date on the newest discoveries in healthcare offer their clients something often in short supply, hope. The mystery of the human genome is becoming a valuable asset to those immersed in the medical profession.

Why include pharmacogenomics in your practice?

  • They address polymorphisms, genetic variants that can affect your patients’ responses to medications.
  • If you can identify the genetic makeup of each individual client, you may be able to reduce or prevent adverse reactions (due to medication) from occurring.
  • The field of genetics offers physicians more accuracy in terms of writing focused and accurate prescriptions.
  • You can customize a patient’s health regimen around their specific genetics and bring them a more in-depth and detailed health plan.
  • The further exploration and incorporation of pharmacogenomics into the medical field inspires growth and in-depth study regarding how genetics can affect those who suffer from physical or mental disorders.
  • The more you know, the more your clients trust your skillset and feel confident in your abilities.

Customized Care

Almost 50 percent of adverse reactions to medications are caused by genetic variants. It’s an alarming statistic. In the United States the vast majority of hospitalized patient fatalities are credited to negative responses to prescribed medications. If you can correctly predict if a patient has polymorphisms, you can recommend medication that will be effective rather than counterproductive. Pharmacogenetic testing has already been utilized in clinical cases regarding cancer treatment or applied toward those affected by the human immunodeficiency virus.

Patient dissatisfaction arises when those in your care feel they are not being informed on the various treatment options they may have at their disposal. They tend to feel disengaged when healthcare professionals provide only the basic information for self-care and treatment options. To bring encouragement and reduce client anxiety, doctors and nurses can support their clients by exhibiting better communication skills. Offering each individual a list of options or patient applicable developments in the medical field brings much needed peace of mind to those in your care. When you incorporate pharmacogenomics into your medical practice, you are giving your patients a customized experience. Pharmacogenomics is the next step towards providing consistent effective and focused personalized care.

You can read more about Pharmacogenomics here.

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